For each group, we’ve created a logomark and a wordmark. There’s currently no guidelines on using the two together. For using either of them in general though, we suggest making sure the margins for logomarks are at least ¼ its height/width, and the margins for wordmarks are ½ of its height.

Logo Margin Diagram

An exception to this would be when using them in conjunction with each other, or with extra “branded” elements like the committee taglines.

AI Cover Photo

Download all logomarks and wordmarks


Our logomark takes inspiration from ACM’s official diamond-shaped logo. Each has an icon representing each committee’s topic of focus.

UCLA ACM logomark
ACM-W logomark
ACM Hack logomark
ACM ICPC logomark
ACM AI logomark
ACM Studio logomark
ACM NetSec logomark

Suggested Usage for logomarks

Use logomarks when you are limited in the space you’re given to insert branding. (Ex: Laptop Sticker)

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UCLA ACM wordmark
ACM-W wordmark
ACM Hack wordmark
ACM ICPC wordmark
ACM AI wordmark
ACM Studio wordmark
ACM NetSec wordmark

Suggested Usage for wordmarks

Try to use wordmarks in conjunction with the logomarks. If this isn’t possible, make sure the sizing of the wordmark clearly establishes the committee as the group of ownership.

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