ACM NetSec

Cybersecurity Made Simple


We suggest using the white and black logomarks in situations where the primary logomark may not be clearly visible.

Primary logomark
White logomark
Black logomark
Download all NetSec logomarks

Social media logomarks

Social media doesn't let you add margins to profile pictures, so we've done it for you. Use these files for social media profiles.

Download all NetSec logomarks for social media


We suggest using the wordmark contrasts the most with the background.

Primary wordmark
Secondary wordmark
Light wordmark
Dark wordmark
Full color wordmark
Download all NetSec wordmarks


NetSec Amber


RGB: (255, 186, 68)

NetSec Tint


RGB: (237, 205, 152)

NetSec Black

HEX: #3A3327

RGB: (58, 51, 39)

NetSec Secondary


RGB: (30, 189, 244)


Unfortunately no pattern assets exist on their own, but we suggest using the corresponding facebook group cover photos for reference: