Communicating Tech for People: UCLA ACM’s Official Styleguide

Hey there! This is UCLA ACM’s official styleguide, created by UCLA ACM Design. We’ve created a collection of resources and assets for the entirety of UCLA ACM to use, so we can spend less time on locating where a logo’s PNG is, and more time on preparing events and workshops.

What is UCLA ACM Design?

As UCLA ACM’s community grew in size, so did our need for a unified visual identity. In addition, we saw there was a large opportunity to make UCLA ACM more accessible, and communicate our mission better. UCLA ACM Design was created in response to these both these concerns, so we could have a single group that designs, manages, and supports the entirety of our visual identity.

What is UCLA ACM?

UCLA ACM is comprised of a single administrative group and six committees, each covering different subtopics inside the world of computer science. This leads to seven different groups that need personalized, but unified, branding. To see our branding, click on one of the sections in the sidebar on the left!

How to use this website

All these resources are for all UCLA ACM designers and officers to use. Any resources/assets in this type of box:

UCLA ACM logomark

can be downloaded by clicking on the item inside it.

Special Thanks

UCLA ACM’s visual identity was put together by Paulina Lei, Rong Zhang, Bryan Wong, and Justin Liu. We’ll be posting a write-up about our journey soon!